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"Eldorado über den Wolken"

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Golden Retriever

Eldorado über den Wolken

Golden RetrieverAfter a long eight weeks of waiting, we have Paul "Eldorado of the clouds" on the 16th Picked up in May 2008. Since then, he lives with us - in the middle of Hamburg. The Alster is right outside the front door, which we like to use for long walks. The weekends we spend most of the North or Baltic Sea. Paul loved to swim Golden Retriever - Paul in Travemuendeand loves the game with the other dogs on the beach. Fortunately, Paul accompanied me to work so that it only very rarely alone. Since then Paul has for us is, of course, our life changed a little. He has enriched it.

Sei meines Hundes Freund, und Du bist auch der meine!

- Indianische Weisheit

Paul's nature

"Paul is a very cheerful, lively but also more trusting dog. He brings with vorliebe everything that can be worn and loses any trace in the sand. Paul is distinguished by its very balanced and friendly nature."

About the E-Litter - Litter reduction

"4 Golden Retriever Golden Retriever males and five females paradise above the clouds, throwing 8.2 kg A nice even with good bone. Very lively puppies."

- Britta Lantz

Leash free

On 15.06.2009 Paul is borne by a line of duty have been released. Paul The leash free at Tonja Kalski passed with flying colors, and can Now his favorite pastime to pursue free-sniffing in Hamburg.